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  • "Yukitsubaki" is specially produced by one of only 7 "Diamond Medal" winners in the world.
  • There are many blended rice on the market, but "Yukitsubaki" is not blended at all, and it is a rare rice that can only be harvested for about 0.0038% of the whole Koshihikari.
  • We use domestic manure and organic fertilizers, and store it in a low-temperature warehouse throughout the year. You can enjoy it.
  • Enjoy at home the premium rice that is handled by Japan's leading luxury restaurants, luxury hotels, Michelin three-star restaurants, and overseas first-class restaurants.

Yuki Tsubaki Koshihikari White Rice, 魚沼産こしひかり特別栽培米 雪椿

  • Japan's largest rice competition "Rice and Taste Analysis Competition" Gold Award for five consecutive years Uonuma's specially cultivated Koshihikari "Yukitsubaki" is a rare rice grown by producers who have won the highest evaluation for 5 consecutive years in Japan's largest rice competition. You can enjoy the best aroma, sweetness, texture, and shine that stick to everything from soil making when growing to drying and polishing rice. The reason for the taste of snow camellia Water Tsunan-cho, Niigata Prefecture snows so much that it is designated as a heavy snowfall area. In spring, snow melting water containing plenty of minerals flows into swamps such as "Ryugakubo" which is selected as one of the 100 famous waters. We use the mineral-rich snow melting water to give plenty of nutrition to the rice terraces and finish the foundation for making delicious rice. Soil In making soil, we spend a lot of fertilizer about 4 times as much as usual. We will start making soil after harvesting in the autumn of the previous year, make soil with manure to replenish fertilizer, chicken manure, and silicic acid, and also make soil in the spring after the snow melts. Tochi At Japan's largest rice competition "Rice and Taste Analysis Appraisal Competition", we gathered the wisdom and experience unique to rice masters who have won numerous awards, and the collection of rice that has been made so far is rare Uonuma's specially cultivated Koshihikari "Yuki Tsubaki" "It will be. Rare Koshihikari nationwide has been harvested about 3.2 million tons in one year, but "Snow Camellia" is 0. of all Koshihikari. 0007%, 0 of Koshihikari from Uonuma. It is a rare and valuable rice that exists only 003%. It is a safe and secure rice grown by Mr. Kentaro Kuwahara, a producer, in the same rice field that has not been blended at all.

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