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  • Tsuyahime. Born of water bursting with nourishment from Japan’s largest primeval Japanese beech forest, the wisdom of generations past, and Yamagata’s winds, blowing gently throughout the four seasons 
  • The forefather of our country’s most delicious rice, “Kameno-o.” From this noble lineage, a new brand is born. "new texture" that combines firm graininess and moderate stickiness. 
  • Distinct grain size, white sheen, flavor, aroma, and texture make rice itself a feast. 
  • Each bite tastes more of blissful delight. Tsuyahime is a supremely pure and delicious special rice 
  • This name means that the solid graininess and rice shape (Inasugata) of "Yukiwakamaru" are masculine, and the striking whiteness and glossy appearance are as beautiful as snow. In addition to the fact that the characteristics of whiteness and luster are similar to that of "Princess Hime", this rice was born after "Princess Hime" in Yamagata Prefecture, and is suitable for being imaged as "Princess Hime" 's younger brother. This name was decided. 
  • 100% Japan Rice & Imported | 5 KG / 11 Pound

Yamagata Yukiwakamaru Short Grain Rice 山形県産 山形米の新品種 「雪若丸」

  • Top Ranking Ultra Premium Yamagata Yukiwakamaru Short Grain Milled White Rice [100% Japan Rice] Special Corp, Japanese Extremely Rare【精米】山形県産 山形米の新品種 「雪若丸」- Avaialbe in 2KG /  5 KG 

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