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  • Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture is located on the western part of Yamagata Prefecture and the Sea of Japan side, and the plain is one of the leading granary areas in Japan, "Shonai Plain". It is a land pattern suitable for rice farming, such as a clean water system such as the Akagawa River, nutrient-rich soil, strong summer sunshine and temperature difference between day and night. 
  • "Princess Tsuya" is counted as one of Japan's top brands characterized by its beautiful shiny whiteness and plump grains. It is recommended for those who like soft rice. 
  • Specially cultivated rice is rice grown with less than 50% of the use of pesticides subject to savings and 50% or less nitrogen composition of chemical fertilizers, compared to the level of practice determined by the prefecture and region to be produced. 
  • 100% Japan, Yamagata Prefecture Rice 
  • Availabe in 2KG / 5KG

Yamagata Kijima Tsuyahime Short Grain Rice, つや姫 山形県おきたま産

  • Top in Japan Ranking - Kijima Tsuyahime Yamagata Rice, つや姫 山形県おきたま産, Milled Short Grain Rice, Supremely Pure And Delicious Special Rice, Extremely Rare

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