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  • "Our rice is a limited edition, 'face-to-face' product that is carefully cultivated in collaboration with select farmers and producer groups. You can trust that every grain of rice you receive is a premium product that comes directly from our partners in the fields." 
  • "Our rice is grown in the foothills of Japan's famous Yatsugatake Mountains, where the pristine waters and organic fertilizers nurture the crops. The area's significant temperature changes between day and night make it an ideal environment for producing delicious, high-quality rice." 
  • "Our rice is exclusively grown by Mr. Kiyotaka Imai, a young and dynamic farmer in his 40s who is a leader in the local farming community. With his expertise and passion, he brings you the best-quality rice that he grows with great care." 
  • "Our rice is a special type of 'Milky Queen' that is rare and has a distinctive flavor. We use special cultivation techniques to ensure that you receive only the finest grains of rice, delivering a unique taste experience that you won't find anywhere else." 
  • Specially cultivated rice is rice grown with 50% or less of the number of use of pesticides to be reduced and 50% or less of the nitrogen component of chemical fertilizers compared to the practice level determined by the prefecture and region to be produced. 
  • 100% Japan Rice, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture [5KG]

[Limited Producer] MILKY QUEEN Japanese Superb Sticky Rice

  • [Limited Producer] MILKY QUEEN Japanese Superb Sticky Rice [Specially Cultivated] Milled Short Grain White Sushi Rice【特別栽培米 長野県茅野市産ミルキークイーン】 - 5KG

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