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[100% Japan Grown] UBARA Rice, Extra Premium Japanese White Rice, Highest Grade Short Grain Sticky Rice, Delicious for Sushi and Onigiri, USED BY MICHELIN CHEF, Vacuum Bag for Maximum Freshness - 11 Pounds


  • ⓵ Super Premium Rice, Produced in Japan - Ubara is a delicious rice brought to you by professional craftsmen in Ibaraki Prefecture, the leading rice production center in Japan. Cultivated in a rich natural environment at the foot of Mount Tsukuba, Ubara rice embodies the essence of Japanese rice cultivation 
  • ⓶ Fresh and High Quality - Ubara rice is renowned for its use by Michelin-starred chefs and in many other high-end sushi restaurants. Compared to other high-quality short-grain rices such as Koshihikari and Akitakomachi, Ubara boasts a larger grain size and superior texture—soft yet chewy 
  • ③ Environmentally Friendly Cultivation - Ubara rice is directly imported from professional farmers in Japan who cultivate rice using environmentally friendly methods, ensuring rich soil and clean water. Safety and peace of mind are paramount in Ubara rice cultivation 
  • ④ Sweet and Delicious - Ubara rice boasts exceptional sweetness, rich umami flavor, and a chewy texture. With its sweet, starchy, and shiny grains, Ubara offers a well-balanced and premium quality that we confidently deliver to consumers worldwide 
  • ⑤ Sushi, Rice Balls, and More - Ubara rice retains its soft texture and delicious flavor whether served hot or cold. Moist and tasty even when cooled, Ubara is ideal for sushi, onigiri, rice balls, and a variety of Asian meal recipe 
  • ㊕ Carefully Selected and Expertly Vacuum-Packed by [MAJI RICE]

UBARA Rice, Extra Premium Japanese White Rice, USED BY MICHELIN CHEF, Vacuum Bag

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