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  • Koshihikari" is a variety produced by crossing "Norin No. 22" and "Norin No. 1" and is characterized by its strong stickiness and sweetness. 
  • Niigata Prefecture is blessed with fertile land nurtured by rivers such as the Shinano River and Agano River, abundant water, and weather suitable for rice cultivation, and is known as a major production area for Koshihikari. 
  • Koshihikari from Niigata Prefecture is characterized by its strong stickiness and sweetness, as well as its aroma and luster after cooking. 
  • Rice that has a strong taste and tastes rice. Therefore, it is perfect for deep-tasting dishes 
  • 100% Grown & Import From Japan - 11 Pound / 5 KG

Niigata] Premium Koshihikari Rice, Milled White Short Grain 新潟県産コシヒカリ

  • [100% Grown in Japan, Niigata Prefecture] Premium Koshihikari Sushi Rice, Milled White Short Grain, 精米 新潟県産コシヒカリ

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