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  • 🍙 Treat yourself to luxury rice and enjoy the superior taste of Koshihikari rice. Grown in Nagano-Ken San, in central Japan known for producing high quality Koshihikari rice with excellent taste and texture 
  • 🍙 Koshihikari from Nagano Prefecture has deep mountains, clear blue water, rich soil and an environment where you can make delicious rice 
  • 🍙 Rice grown in a climate with a large amount of sunshine and a large temperature difference between day and night has been raised to the highest level of "umami, stickiness, and luster." Please enjoy Nagano's representative brand rice / delicious and sticky aroma. It is also ideal as a gift. 
  • 🇯🇵 100% Japan Grown & Imported, 11 Pound / 5 KG

Nagano-Ken San Koshihikari Rice, Milled Short Grain 長野県産 信州の米

  • [100% Grown in Japan, Nagano Prefecture][11 Pound] Nagano-Ken San Koshihikari Rice, Short Grain, Milled White Sushi Rice, ​Genuine Japanese Premium 長野県産 信州の米 こしひかり, 11 Pound

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