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  • The Koshihikari "Yukiho" rice variety, grown in Minami Uonuma, is a meticulously cultivated product that utilizes significantly reduced amounts of chemical fertilizers, specifically nitrogen components, and chemical synthetic pesticides. In comparison to Koshihikari that is commonly cultivated, "Yukiho" has achieved a reduction of more than 50% and 60%, respectively. 
  • Mt. Hakkaisan, a revered mountain with steep inclines, stands uniquely amidst the Echigo mountain range at the prefectural boundary. The pure waters of the Uono River flow through the heart of the Uonuma Basin, imparting its snow-fed clarity. 
  • This region, known for its heavy snowfall, is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the bountiful natural surroundings and the diligent work of its farmers. This synergy has contributed to the high accolades bestowed upon the Koshihikari rice from Minamiuonuma. 
  • The combination of nutrient-rich soil, pure snow meltwater from the Echigo Mountains, and the distinct climate of the basin has resulted in rice that is at the pinnacle of its quality. This is exemplified by the "Special A" rating, the highest designation for 23 consecutive years in the rice taste ranking conducted by the Japan Grain Inspection Association 
  • Our commitment to providing the finest taste directly from the source is reflected in our partnership with "JA Uonuma Minami" for direct delivery from the production area. 
  • (Brown Koshihikari Rice)100% Grown in Japan Minami-Uonuma Niigata 
  • 5KG / 11 Pound X 1 Sack

Exclusive YUKINOHO Japanese Specially Cultivated Koshihikari

  • Exclusive YUKINOHO Japanese Specially Cultivated Koshihikari Rice (Brown Rice, Short Grain) Grown in Japan Minami-Uonuma Niigata 南魚沼産 雪穂 - 5KG

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